Meet Our Staff

SuppLI consists of 26 hard working individuals, all raised on Long Island. 

Chief Executive Officers

Quyanna Barnaby

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Lia Sookdeo

Co-Chief Executive Officer


Yaw Bonsu

Community Relations Assistant

Troy Wiener

Chief Operations Officer

Michael Paray

Administrative Vice President

Human Resources

Cristian Giordano

Community Relations Specialist

Olivia Biggs

Chief Human Resources Officer

Sadye Arlin

Human Resources Manager


Sydney Sparks

Accounting Manager

Ashley Zingale

Chief Finance Officer

Johnathan Scarduzio

Bank Manager


Carlos Ramos

Sales Consultant

Andrew Trotman

Chief Marketing Officer

Shaun Jones

Vice President: Marketing

John Bolds

Bank Manager


Joshua Brafman

Web Designer

Dylan Haynes

Chief Technology Officer

Thomas Crane

Vice President: Technology & Design

Graphic Design

Dylan Haynes


Marina Brion-Fernandez

Kemar Stewartson

Media Advertising Specialist

Isaiah Forbes

Booth Specialist

Graphic Design

Jordan Brafman

Vice President: Technology & Design

Video Producer

Jasmine Rebore


Marcela Figueroa


Mr. Jason Rudish

Teacher Advisor

Ms. Kelly Iovine

Teacher Advisor

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